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Graduate Support Program

To build a sustainable research environment, we pay careful attention to the education and support of our PhD candidates. Motivating PhD candidates to actively participate and fostering commitment to the scientific goals of our Priority Program, we developed and implemented a Graduate Support Program for our PhD candidates:

  • We established a mentoring program and provide financial and organizational support to foster exchange between (senior researcher) mentors and (junior researcher) mentees.
  • We encourage junior researchers to present and discuss their work at our scientific events.
  • We encourage and financially support collaborative research of our junior members. Through our Research Excellence Grant, we cover research costs of projects where PhD candidates from different research groups collaborate to investigate new research questions.
  • Broadening scientific horizons, we encourage and financially support junior researchers' national and international visits to other labs, both within and beyond the priority program.
  • We have organized workshops and summer schools on a variety of subjects relevant to junior researchers.


PhD candidates who have met the criteria of active participation (i.e., presenting their own research at our events, enrolling in the mentoring program, and paying a visit to another lab within the PP network) will be awarded our Graduate School Certificate, detailing their contributions and achievements.


For a graphic overview of our organizational measures, click here: First funding period.


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