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The coordination team of the Priority Program has edited a Handbook of Multitasking published by Springer Nature (

Here is the Handbook's table of content:


Introduction: Overview of Concepts and Paradigms ( Andrea Kiesel, Leif Johannsen, Iring Koch, Hermann Müller)


Part I Simultaneous Multitasking

Dual-Task Performance with Simple Tasks (Rico Fischer and Markus Janczyk)

Multitasking During Continuous Task Demands: The Cognitive Costs of Concurrent Sensorimotor Activities (Leif Johannsen, Nathan Van Humbeeck, and Ralf Krampe)


Part II Sequential Multitasking

Task Switching: Cognitive Control in Sequential Multitasking (Iring Koch and Andrea Kiesel)

Task Interruptions (Patricia Hirsch, Iring Koch, and Tobias Grundgeiger)

Language Multitasking (Andrea M. Philipp and Mathieu Declerck)


Part III Neural Basis of Multitasking

The Neural Basis of Simultaneous Multitasking (Kelly G. Garner and Paul E. Dux)

The Contribution of Functional Brain Imaging to the Understanding of Cognitive Processes Underlying Task Switching (Marcel Brass and Wouter De Baene)


Part IV Applications

Multitasking Training (Julia Karbach and Tilo Strobach)

Training Based on Multitasking – With a Specific Focus on Motor-Cognitive Multitasking (Bettina Wollesen, Hermann Müller, and Claudia Voelcker-Rehage)

The Multitasking Motorist (David L. Strayer, Spencer C. Castro, and Amy S. McDonnell)

Multitasking in Healthy Aging and Neurodegeneration: Experimental Findings and Health-Related Applications (Karen Z. H. Li and Rachel I. Downey)

Music Training, Dance Training, and Multitasking (Melody Wiseheart)


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