Dr. Lisa Hüther-Pape
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Institut für Psychologie
Abt. Allgemeine Psychologie
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DFG Priority Program (Schwerpunktprogramm) SPP 1772

Human performance under multiple cognitive task requirements:
From basic mechanisms to optimized task scheduling


In modern life, people face many different situations that afford multitasking. Usually such situations are associated with performance decrements, failures and risks of accidents. This priority program aims to bring together different lines of research on human performance under such multiple cognitive task requirements (i.e. multitasking) in order to provide a new integrative theoretical framework to account for this fundamental aspect of human behavior.


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  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG
  • Funding period: 6 years
  • First funding period: 3 years
  • Starting date: August 2015 


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